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Learning Runa Simi and Practicing Human Speech (Runa Simi)

In discussing language, primarily Quechua (runa simi) in the last couple posts, I have mainly been examining them abstractly or historically in the past, except with occasional interludes in the present. I have written about the dynamic practices of Quechua and language ideologies that were in many ways different from

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Lengua de los Ingas, Runasimi, and Quechua

A few weeks ago, I was briefly speaking with an elderly woman in the Southern Peruvian Andes, and told her I was on my way to study Quechua in Cusco, upon which she remarked, “ah Cusco, por ahi habla la quechua pura” (Cusco, there they speak the pure Quechua). Although

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Peru: Tierra de los Inkas….

Hi! I’m an historical anthropologist and archaeologist studying Spanish colonialism and religious encounters in the Southern Peruvian Andes. And, I’m ecstatic to be contributing to Pterodáctilo! Guiding these current entries is the fact that I will be studying Quechua in Cusco throughout the coming weeks and months. The past few

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