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My Beautiful Brown Baby or How to Talk About My Baby’s Skin

Roughly once every couple of weeks someone comments on my baby’s skin. The comments are never negative. They range from “Oh your baby is so tan!” (she’s not, it is not an effect of the sun, she’s just brown, for the record) to “Oh your baby has such beautiful complexion/skin!”

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An Interview with Roberto G. Fernández

Roberto G. Fernández is a Cuban American writer whose work across the past three decades has presented a fragmented but expansive landscape of the Cuban American community in Miami and beyond. His work is populated by a recurring cast of carnavalesque characters who present a fluid and humorous depiction, and a thoughtful

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Messy Reflections after a trip to Brazil

This summer I had the incredible fortune of spending a month in Brazil taking an intensive language course. I arrived in Rio de Janeiro with a fairly set speech explaining my presence in the city and my desire to learn Portuguese. I’d discussed it with my mentor and typed it

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