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Descripciones del hambre

Por Camila Torres-Castro. IG @camblebod Se te rompieron los pantalones cuando te sentaste a hacer pipí, Camila, porque tragaste tanto en el encierro aquel que fue Middlebury que engordaste muchísimo. Lo sabes, y ya lloraste por ello un par de veces. Te descargaste la app de Weight Watchers a ver

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Compton in the Spring of 1992: A Story About Five Long Days

A few days after I had turned seven I dashed into my family’s small living room as my dad was watching television. The scene wasn’t anything special because our living room was straight out of a Sandra Cisnero’s novel: the couches were covered in plastic, there were small glass figurines

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Musings on Grandmothers and the Space of Storytelling

The other day in my Latin American Cultures, Environment and Development class, we participated in a story-telling activity with the guide of a representative from Pachaysana, an NGO working out of Ecuador. We did a series of slightly awkward activities that included making human sculptures and moving around the room

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