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Conference Report: ADE – STS 2015

Image shows a hand-written manuscript with digital markup superimposed.

This article is part of our series on academic conferences. To report on a conference you attended, email Name: Hannah Alpert-Abrams Conference name: The Joint Conference of the Association for Documentary Editing and the Society for Textual Scholarship Location, date: Lincoln, Nebraska, May 2015 Panel title, moderator: Problems in

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Crossing Disciplines

In my last post, I wrote about the limits of academic writing, and asked what to do when scholarly forms are insufficient. This week, inspired by a talk by Elijah Meeks at the TXDHC conference (that’s «Texas Digital Humanities Consortium conference), I am writing about interloping. What do you do when

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Experiments in Scholarly Writing

A Map is Not A Territory

This week I’ve had two encounters with scholars that push the boundaries of academic expression in favor of creative or experimental forms. Over the weekend I read UT professor Ann Czvetkovich’s Depression: A Public Feeling. The book is part memoir, part scholarly work – what Jill Dolan calls a “critical memoir.”

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Dissertation Spotlight: Christina McCoy

This is the first post in what I’m hoping will become a semi-regular series of dissertation spotlights. I’ve got two purposes in mind with this series. First, obviously, I want to highlight some of the Spanish & Portuguese Department’s most talented and smartest grad students, and give their projects some

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Hundimiento Humano

Es sorprendente leer como en las grandes conferencias abundan las mesas de discusión acerca de nuestra labor como humanistas (o parte de las Liberal Arts como se usa por estos lares). Cuestionamientos sobre el futuro de nuestra academia, las «vías alternativas» y tantas otras cosas que intentan referir al mismo

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