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Reading Junot Díaz with Incarcerated People

I appreciate the fact that my first teaching experience as a graduate student was in a jail. Through an initiative started by the Graduate Comparative Literature Students (GRACLS) organization, I volunteered to teach a Reading World Literature course at the Travis County Correctional Complex (TCCC), a pre-trial facility (a jail

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A reflection on Junot Díaz’s «MFA vs. POC»

Image by Joey L.

I hope we have all seen the recent Junot Díaz article in the New Yorker, “MFA vs. POC,” about the unbearable whiteness of MFA programs; his ideal syllabus, posted on Slate; and a host of responses to his charge across the internet. As I prepare to move to Cornell for

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Power Is Not Forthcoming: Q & A Session with Junot Díaz

In response to an experienced UT faculty member’s question about what pedagogical practices professors can use to help students understand the importance of race, community activism, and intellectual development, Junot Díaz explained that we must fight for “Gandalf victories.” This was not the first time that Junot Díaz made a

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Junot in the Park

(Photo by Meg Dowdy) Junot Díaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of This is How You Lose Her and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, spoke tonight at UT as part of Texas Institute for Literary & Textual Studies 2013 reading series. Keeping my tradition of blogging about things that don’t work out, I’ll

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