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Puerto Rico’s Disaster is not just 45

As others have poignantly and empathically pointed out, a lot has been said and written about Puerto Rico’s current situation. To be honest, it’s felt like a barrage at times, because this is not what we are used to. The reaction among all of the Puerto Ricans outside that I’ve

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Himno, by Jane Johnson

Himno   Glorifiquemos ahora la guerra y los frutos de la batalla; victoriosos gocemos de lo merecido concedido por Dios Todopoderoso: ¡Nuestra es la Tierra! ¡Nuestros los seres que habitan su superficie! Nuestros: el aire, el agua, las piedras preciosas y las comunes: todos nuestros.   Este humo que huele

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Post-Election Coping: What next?

This post is a selfish act, just like many of the online essays or rants that I have read in the last few days (even if they don’t want admit it). It is selfish because I am doing it for myself, because I need to do it, because I don’t know

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