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Barcelona, jo t’estim/Barcelona, yo te quiero

A todo el mundo le gusta Barcelona. Es prácticamente imposible no encontrar algo que te interese en esa ciudad a menos que seas un ermitaño total, y aún así te gusta. Simplemente es la ciudad en la que pasa todo. Tiene una vida social y cultural envidiable y todos los

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A Cheese Cave Pilgrimage in Asturias

Asturias, one of Spain’s autonomous communities, is located in the northwest portion of the Iberian peninsula, bordered by Cantabria to the East, Castille and León to the South and the Bay of Biscay to the north. The region includes an extensive coastline, and several mountain ranges, most notably a large

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Six Tricks for Reading Colonial Manuscripts

Photo shows me sitting on the steps under a large statue of a robed figure with the word "Nebrija" inscribed below.

In the course of my research at the Biblioteca Nacional de España this summer, I learned the hard way that without paleographical skills, many early modern and medieval texts become unreadable. Their interlinear and marginal glosses, not to mention major swathes of text, can be lost in the wake of illegibility. Leaving the hot,

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Dissertation Spotlight: Christina McCoy

This is the first post in what I’m hoping will become a semi-regular series of dissertation spotlights. I’ve got two purposes in mind with this series. First, obviously, I want to highlight some of the Spanish & Portuguese Department’s most talented and smartest grad students, and give their projects some

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