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A reflection on Junot Díaz’s «MFA vs. POC»

Image by Joey L.

I hope we have all seen the recent Junot Díaz article in the New Yorker, “MFA vs. POC,” about the unbearable whiteness of MFA programs; his ideal syllabus, posted on Slate; and a host of responses to his charge across the internet. As I prepare to move to Cornell for

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Gabo vs. A Lifetime of Absolute Normalcy

Remembering Gabriel García Márquez, Edwidge Danticat writes: I am often surprised when people talk about the total implausibility of the events in García Márquez’s fiction. Having been born and lived in a deeply spiritual and extraordinarily resourceful part of the Caribbean, a lot of what might seem magical to others

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Penelope Casas, 1943 – 2013

  My parents married in 1977. Shortly after that, my dad, a naval officer in the JAG Corps, got sent to the base in Rota, in southern Spain, where my parents stayed until 1981. For part of that time they lived in base housing, but when I was born in

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Feliz HemingDay!

  (photo via Brazos Bookstore) Tomorrow (July 21st) is Ernest Hemingway’s 114th birthday. Which means that right now in Key West the annual Hemingway Days festival is going on, highlighted by the world-renowned Sloppy Joe’s Hemingway lookalike contest. If you want to celebrate, but want to stay a little closer

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