A love letter to Malvern Books

Las librerías son los pulmones del sistema de la cultura del libro. Bookstores are the lungs of culture.

This is our love letter to Malvern Books, the indie bookstore that hosts our Poetry Ptamale parties. Esta es una carta de amor al espacio que nos reúne a todos los lectores de Pterodáctilo.com cada semestre.

Like so many other events this semester, Ptero had to postpone it’s bi-annual Pterodáctilo Poetry and Ptamale party. As a way to recognize how much Malvern means to us as a community of readers and writers, we reached out and asked them if there was a way we could amplify their work. But they had a better idea.

Malvern Books’ awesome staff curated a very special list of contemporary Portuguese and Spanish Literatures and Cultures books for our readers. Take a look.

We are sure that any of these 23 books will be the best companion for your summer. Either in your lap with your cat or at the backyard pool, grab one or more of these gorgeous translations.

Want to know more about some of them? We actually wrote a review of Gabriela Cabezón Cámara’s The aventures of China Iron. https://bookshop.org/books/the-adventures-of-china-iron/9781916465664?aid=2325

Thank you, Malvern!

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