Pterocast, episodio #12. Dr. Kim TallBear: «Settler colonialism doesn’t only hurt indigenous peoples.»

In this interview, conducted by Monserrat Madariaga, Dr. Kim TallBear talks about new avenues for critical and creative academic research, how polyamory can help deconstruct compulsory monogamy in settler-colonial states. She also discussed the ideas of indigenous belonging, questioned the assumptions of ancestry in DNA tests and much more.
«Dr. Kim TallBear is author of «Native American DNA: Tribal Belonging and the False Promise of Genetic Science» (2013) and is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta. She studies the racial politics of “gene talk” in science and popular culture. A former environmental planner, she has become interested in the similarities between Western constructions of «nature» and «sexuality” as they are defined and sanctioned historically by those in power. TallBear is interested in how sex and nature can be understood differently in indigenous worldviews». 
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