Pterodáctilo No. 11 Launched!!!

On Friday the Ptero Team launched the «Lost Issue» of Pterodáctilo, this is the online literary, linguistic, and cultural journal for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Texas at Austin. We held the launch party at Salvation Pizza. The new features of this issue are: the journal’s new web design that will make navigating it on tablets and mobile devices easier, the Canon Fodder podcast, and the RSS feed that links the journal with For the moment the Issue No. 11 is up and running at but it will be transfered over to the original soon.

This issue has some great poetry and short stories, as well as several critical articles that show an exciting variety of what our colleagues around the world are working on. There is an article by Javier Álvarez about how violence in «La Comuna 13» is portrayed by the media in Colombia. Hannah Alpert-Abrams analyzes how Los pasos perdidos was received in translation in the US and what that implies about the expectations North American readers may have of Latin American narratives, and Gabriel Saldías discuss sci-fi and dystopia.

Take a few minutes to review the rest of the content (interviews and photographs) and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. 

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