#vemprarua: following the protest on vine

Watch Vines from the protesters in Brazil HERE.

As I attempt to keep up on the news about the massive protests throughout Brazil it is important to keep up with both major news outlets and ground level individual reports. I have messaged a few of my friends/colleagues that are in Brazil studying over the summer. They are in Bahia and their first report was that nothing was going on. The next day I heard from one of them that they were shut-up in their apartment listening to the streets full of protesters and police. From Austin, Texas I have tried to find a way to see what the protesters are seeing and doing. I found that the (relatively) new social media app Vine is a great source for video. Vine allows users to record and post 6 second videos and tag them with hashtags. I found that is you follow the tag #vemprarua you will find a lot of videos made by protesters. I found videos of marches, people dancing in the streets, videos of police barricades, young people making posters and protesters in V for Vendetta (Guy Fawkes) masks. If you don’t have the Vine app you can use this link to follow the #vemprarua tag.    photo (43)

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